Alcohol Dependence And Frequently Presenting Co Occurring Disorders

Dual Diagnosis

Symptoms of standard co-occurring disorders

The mental health issues that most typically co-occur with drug abuse are depression, anxiety disorders, and manic depressive illness.

Prevalent symptoms of clinical depression

Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness

Lack of interest in everyday tasks

Failure to feel pleasure

Food consumption or weight changes Sleep alterations

Reduction of vitality

Strong sentiments of insignificance or guilt

Attention issues

Anger, bodily pain, and reckless conduct (particularly in males).

Prevalent indications of mania in bipolar affective disorder.

Feelings of elation or extreme irritability.

Outlandish, grandiose beliefs.

Decreased requirement for sleep.

Intensified vitality.

Quick speech and racing thought and feelings.

Reduced judgment and impulsivity.


Anger or rage.

Prevalent symptoms of anxiety.

Excessive tension and worry.

Feeling restless or jumpy.

Irritability or feeling "uneasy".

Racing heart or lack of breath.

Queasiness, trembling, or dizziness.

Muscle group tenseness, headaches.

Difficulty concentrating.

Sleep problems.

alcohol withdrawal diarrhea

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